Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello S.A.I. supporters.....Just wanted to check in and let you all know the progress of Shanyna's Illness...Shanyna returned to Johns Hopkins 3 weeks ago to see what progress she had made...She and her mom were very disappointed at the news she received from the doctors...They stated that one of the many many Meds that Shanyna was taking to try and clear up here skin had actually made her skin worse...After being on it for 2 and a half years and It has only helped her face .They also explained that she was becoming very dehydrated and (even though she drinks a whole lot of water everyday) there is no oxygen getting to her skin once again and without the oxygen her skin is suffocating and it makes her body temperature rise high keeping her very very hot all the time now...she is still in a lot of pain and now sleeps most of the day away to avoid feeling the pain as much...They also told her that she needed to return to Johns Hopkins in 30 days because they will be setting up another sit in conference with about 75 doctors that will examine her from head to toe and then excuse her out and start discussing her case amongst them all...They will then come up with another solution and treatment plan to start her on again...Shanyna cried as she heard the news and begin asking the doctors why she couldn't get the laser surgery where they could kill her hair follicles since they were already damaged badly so that she could get some relief from the stems (nails)...They replied that that could not be an option due to it being a form of light treatment which harmed her once before...she then got frustrated and started scratching and making her nerves very very bad....We have to keep close watch on her because any little thing can trigger her nerves off and she will get depressed really quick....she is already down and depressed about not having the funds to make it on June 26...She doesn't want to ask for donations anymore because she said that it makes her look as if she is begging and bothering people....We have to understand where she is coming from with this minute being a independent person having everything an adult is suppose to have and do...she had her own place...worked 2 jobs and was in school full time to only get sick and loss it all....If that wasn't bad enough her mother job did her wrong as well and added additional stress to their situation. ..Her mother's job found out about Shanyna being they did a fundraiser for Shanyna and raised over 5 thousand dollars for her to go out of the states to get help else where because Memphis hospital had no more sources to help her...once Shanyna and her mom arrived in Baltimore and made it to Johns Hopkins ER....within 10 minutes of being there they had admitted her in Critical Care....when her mom called her job (that she had worked for over 16 years) and explained what was going on...her supervisor then asked her how long would they be there and could she leave Shanyna in a state that she knew nothing about by herself so that she could return to work....they wanted her mom to pick between staying and helping her child or leave Shanyna their alone with no family or anything and return back to work...Her mother couldn't believe what she had been asked to do but her mom picked without a doubt or hesitation to stay with her child....they then fired her mom 2 days later sending her pink slip to her Memphis home without anyone calling and telling her she had been let go...She was so hurt that they let her go for picking her child knowing that they need all the funds they could get...Also at this time Shanyna was just a Vegetable....she couldn't do nothing for herself and they wanted her mom to pick her job over her child...Sad thing about it when they let her go they had only been in Baltimore 3 days...she then filled for unemployment thinking that that would help them out with a little income but she was denied due to the fact that they said it was considered a voluntary leave....her mom then losted her home her truck and her source of living all at 1 time....Shanyna cried day in and day out because she felt it was her fault her mom lost everything but her mom explained to her all the time that she did what was best for Shanyna...she said a mother's love comes before any job....she said stop worrying about what I lost for that was all material things that can be replaced...She said do I look worried...I know the Lord above don't make mistakes and that this was just a test of faith...She then grabbed Shanyna's hand and asked her do she trust and believe...Shanyna looked up into her mother's eyes filled with tears and said yes I believe...she told her that life is not perfect and we have to make the best of it...she said they told her Shanyna will never walk again but she's walking on her own now...she couldn't eat and was losing so much weight to fast but now she is back thick and juicy and eating very well...she told Shanyna stop dwelling on the bad and focus on what's to with Shanyna's mom saying these things and staying positive believing in the Lord...she explained that the Lord has Shanyna's best interest at heart...lets come together and raise the funds that she really need to make it to hospital in 3 weeks...Just click on the link below and follow the steps....We really thank you so much for your time and love...God Bless....Amen!!!!!!! 


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  1. I recommend you always watch EMMANUEL TV the God that healeth is alive

  2. Hi, I saw a video recently that focused on your story and the video argured for 70% of it about health insurance and it's issues. I was expecting to find a crowdfunding link somewhere to help with your financial burden, but was surprised to barely find anything except this website and was surprised that even this was so hard to find. I'd just like to suggest looking into a crowdfunding website to get some help with the cost (which was stated to be around a 250K) as I honestly think it would be an insanely big help in finding the money/relieving some stress from this if it is still continuing

  3. Dear Shanya,
    My name is Katalin and I live in Sweden. I have just seen your story on National Geographic. Your story reminds me a lot about what I went through at your age, however not as severe but I was very, very sick.
    My sickness also started with asthma, just like that, from one day to another. Before that I was the most healthy person on earth. The doctors started to give me all kinds of medecins and the more I took the worse it got and I got more and more sick and in the end also depressed. In the end my body was so poisened by all medecins that my body was covered with eczema. On my head, I couldn't see my hair since the head was covered with thick eczema and it was bleeding. There was no doctor that could help me and their only solutions were to give me more heavy medecines, which made me more sick and giving me different kind of illnesses, that I never had before. After being sick for two years, I made the decision to try something completely different than what ordinary health care could offer. I was desperate. I went to a health spa for a total detox and fasted with ecological fruit and vegetable juices, soups and drinking herbal tea. I did that for ten days!!! and went home completely cured!!! My body was so poisened by all medicines so there was no immune defence left in my body. All bad stuff that left my body during the detox.
    Back home I met a woman who does blood test, showing your mineral and vitamin status and my body was lacking all kinds of minerals and vitamins, causing my intial asthma and body weakness. These tests are not the same as the tests done in a hospital. These tests are showing much more detailed results, which are not seen in hospital tests, since their test range are not as wide as these tests are. As a result of the test results I was prescribed minerals and vitamins which made my levels healthy again.
    This was about 25 years and I have been feeling great since then.
    You have to remember that there is no doctor that believes in what I did, with the detox and the blood tests but me being healthy again proves it all. We do need doctors but I do believe in using homeopathic solutions also. It has helped me.
    In case you need to ask me questions about this, don't hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards, Katalin

  4. I really hope you will indulge me reading this message through. I read about your condition and it sounds familiar to me. It sounds like an obscure disease that effects maybe five people in the entire world I do not remember the name but the person who suffers from it is known as the wooden man and has a series of extreme wart growth encompassing his hands and feet. Have your doctors looked into this? I know it is not the same but could it be in a similar class? Again I hope you will indulge me a response thank you for your time and have a good day.
    Scott Strozier